Behind The Campaign

The campaign’s aim is to improve your understanding of what it means to be test ready and how you can assess your readiness. If you are not ready, you will be encouraged to delay your test, helping reduce the number of tests that are wasted.

51 out of every 100 driving tests were failed in Great Britain during January 2023

Taking your test too early could lead to a failed test, disappointment, and potentially delays to you getting on the road.

If you’re not ready to pass, it’s best to move your test back. It’s the best way of getting your independence and freedom as soon as possible.

By moving your test, you’ll free up an appointment for someone who is ready to take their test. This could help them get their dream job, or help with caring for their family.

You’re ready to take your driving test when you can drive safely and follow The Highway Code without any prompts from your instructor, while keeping your nerves under control.

It’s free to change your appointment time, as long as you do it at least 3 full working days (Mondays to Saturdays) before your test.

Change your driving test appointment

Ready to Pass?