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I had a refresher session with Stuart. He put me at ease and his manner was really patient, friendly and informative. I highly recommend this service

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COMPETITIVELY PRICED, SKILLED TUITION HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I was so happy to have passed my test and I had a great experience with Stuart at Driving Forward. I was a nervous learner and thought I would never get through my test. Stuart was both patient and friendly, he has taught me the skills to become a safe and confident driver in a relatively short period of time. Scheduling has been easy as Stuart is flexible which my work sometimes required, and reliable having never cancelled a planned lesson (something I'd seen with other, less good instructors). The only constructive feedback I can think to provide would be around the use of the a Diesel car as it's not something I'd plan to drive myself but I enjoyed driving it all the same. I'd happily recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks Stu!

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EXCELLENT DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. Stuart has a fantastic sense of calm which very much helps the experience as a new driver. He also has a great sense of humour which helps ease the nerves. I highly recommend.

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Extremely patient, considerate, and accommodating. Would definitely recommend.

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Stuart is an amazing instructor. He was so patient with me as I was very anxious when I first started my lessons, he was always very calm even though sometimes I probably frustrated him making mistakes. He always fit my lessons in around my working hours. I have already recommended him to a friend and will continue to do so!

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Amy O:

Brilliant Driving instructor. I have just passed my test after learning to drive with Stuart from Driving Forward. I was the most anxious, dithery, nervous learner & that's putting it mildly. I cannot begin to express how patient, thorough & reassuring Stuart was as a teacher. His encouragement & positive attitude has got me through my test. At times when it was hard, I felt overwhelmed & felt like giving up Stuart talked me through situations, put me at ease & made me feel comfortable to overcome my nerves & persist on with learning. Passing my test has opened up a whole new world for me, it's the best feeling in the world. I highly recommend learning to drive with Stuart. Infact, I cannot recommend him enough. If he can teach me to drive & pass my test he can teach anyone! He is reliable, friendly & very fairly priced. A truly brilliant driving instructor. Thank you Stuart.

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Karla S:

Great week learning to drive with Stuart. I've just had an intensive driving session with Stuart this past week and I couldn't be happier with his patient and encouraging nature. I covered everything I needed in a weeks worth of lessons, thoroughly enjoyed myself and am even more motivated to learn more now!

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Jake T:

Reliable and friendly service. Stuart provides a great service. He teaches well and efficiently, I wanted to be passed asap as I am an impatient person. Stuart helped me achieve this with ease, there was no pressure applied if I made mistakes which helped with my learning. Would definitely recommend to anyone, young or old. Jake Timbs

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Andy B:

Highly Recommended. After years of putting off taking driving lessons, I finally bit the bullet and chose Driving Forward. I could not have been happier with my choice. Even though I was nervous, Stuart's friendly, patient and understanding approach completely put me at ease and I was soon up and running ( or should that be driving?! ). I was confident and capable to take my test and pass before I thought I would be, all thanks to Stuart.

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Anneila I:

Exceptional instructor. After a couple of changes in driving schools, a failed test (or three) and a complete loss of confidence, Stuart was recommended by a friend and managed to rectify all the bad driving habits I had been taught by past instructors. Stuart is an excellent teacher and one of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet. I passed on my first attempt with Stuart within a couple of months. I only wish I had found him in the first place!

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